Pictures: Day 5 - 6

Day 5 / Monday, June 16, 2008

The house of my hosts: Tracy and Claude who posted up on ADVrider's Tent Space list of people willing to house passing travelers. They're both avid riders, on KTMs and they're even featured in a motorcycling movie.

Claude hosing down his KTM Adventure and check out his lifted Jeep Wrangler. It looks like a proper jeep. They were both really gracious hosts and they were headed up towards Alaska in a few weeks time for their own adventure, that too taking only dirt/forest roads.

I thought long and hard about where to place my extra gas cans on the bike and decided on below the panniers for the lower center of gravity and increased functionality of my panniers but as a friend said, I couldn't control myself in the twisties and leaned the bike over too much and scraped both gas cans. I was able to fix one of them. Oh well, lesson learned.

Day 6 / Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The reason I came to Vancouver was to renew my US work visa at the US consulate there. You have to leave the country to get a new visa. Oh well, it was very quick processing and I got my passport back the next day.

Passport with new visa in hand and heading out of Vancouver. Alaska, here I come... which was another 2,000 miles away.

Route map of the second leg of the journey: Vancouver through all of British Columbia to Dawson City, Yukon; 1,900 miles.

Riding the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler. The scenic highway follows the coast and then starts climbing up the mountain. I was just here about 6 months ago to ski at Whistler with a bunch of friends.

Construction on the highway has been going on for quite some time in order to expand it for the 2010 Winter Olympics that are going to be held between Vancouver and Whistler.

Climbing up to the sky... a fun, easy road to ride.

Last year I passed under a similar looking bridge on US-95 in southern Utah...

Whistler and Blackcomb mountains - a fantastic place to ski. It really does live up to the hype of being North America's number 1 ski resort. We had a great 7 days here back in January.

Lillooet Lake, just north of Pemberton. The beautiful lakes are everywhere.

Rustic camping on hard gravel at Marble Lake Provincial Park near the Cariboo Highway, 97 that heads north to Prince George.

Since my 1 person tent isn't free-standing, I need soft ground to peg into or the use of my bike and a picnic table to hold the tent up. Whatever it takes.

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