The Trip Has Started

This is T-15 mins to departure:

Everything is set to go. I'll post more pictures when I get to Vancouver in 4 days.


Vivian said...

jay! it's been 4 days! and no word from you yet!

I hope you are having a safe and exciting trip! :)

Most people that I tell that one of my friends is riding all the way to Alaska seem to always have the same reaction: "Alaska is connected to Canada?! But whenever I see Alaska on the weather map, it's always separate!"

Makes me wonder a bit....


Jammin said...

Viv, that's totally hilarious. How can anyone not know that Alaska is attached to Canada. Didn't they go to school? I'm amazed that someone could ask that. But you're right, the weather map and any other US map shows Alaska as an island next to Hawaii :)