Update from Dawson City, Yukon

I'm in Dawson City in the Yukon and the ride up from Vancouver has been fantastic. The scenery is just amazing here. Here's a few pictures.

View of the Pacific Ocean from the Sea to Sky Highway on my way from Vancouver through Whistler.

The rivets in my muffler end cap rattled off and this guy drilled and put a screw in for no charge. He said others have helped him out before and he was just passing it on. That's one thing that I've seen a lot of already: kindness towards bikers. I've gotten bolts for free from a hardware store, free coffee from a nearby RV at a campsite and free service. The people I've met have all been real nice.

My campsite at the 'Ksan Campground near Smithers, BC.

The view from my tent at the 'Ksan Campground. I was told some great stories about this mountain from a local Native American spokesperson (full details in the ride report).

Cooking dinner. Boiling water to heat my ready-to-eat meals. I love being self-sufficient.

Dinner of some Thai Lime-grass Rice and Tuna in Yellow Curry. Mmmm good.

Signway to Alaska on the Cassiar Highway in BC.

Bear Glacier near Stewart, BC. Locals have said that in their lifetime they've seen the glacier retreat quite a lot.

And how aptly named is that glacier. This guy was right around the corner and just hobbled across the road in no hurry. I was about 200 ft away. I've seen about 5 Black Bears so far and 2 Moose, but they ran away quite fast. Waiting to see a grizzly, but not too closely :)

Awesome twisting tarmac on the Cassiar Highway heading north.

The scenery has been outstanding. And the weather's been great too. It's a little chilly, yet enjoyable. Maybe highs around 60F.

I met Chris at my campsite this morning (near Watson Lake) and he's heading the same way as me, so we're going to ride together for the next 3 or 4 days. He's from San Jose on a BMW R1200GSA.

On the Alaska Highway heading through the Yukon. The scenery on the Cassiar was definitely much better.

Changing my rear tire in Dawson City, Yukon. My old tire was almost to the cords and I struggled a bit this being my first real tire change by myself but a passing rider helped me out. (I've got my boots on to protect my toes.)

Downtown Dawson City for the ADVrider Dust2Dawson rally, which is a get together to celebrate the Summer Solstice. It's a little past midnight.

And this is what everyone comes to Dawson City for, the Summer Solstice. It's about 1 am in the morning.

I'm heading to Fairbanks tomorrow and then making the run up the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay. After that, I'm taking a day off in Denali and stopping by Anchorage.


Dan said...

You are one crazy kid! Great pics Jay, be safe and keep the updates going.

Jerry said...

Hi Jammin, I followed you quite a ways on the Top of the World road out of Dawson City. I was in the Honda Civic Hybrid. I thought I'd say hi so you'd know that your promo on the back of your bike didn't go unnoticed. I started and ended in Fairbanks for a total of 9,400 miles in 30 days. There sure is some pretty country out there. I recommend the next time you go through Jasper and Banff National Parks in Canada. Absolutely beautiful! Life is an adventure, eh?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having fun and also learning lot life lessons. The pictures are great. Your tire story is scary. It also shows the world there are lot good people out there. Have fun and ride safe.
Good Luck to the rest of the trip.

Jammin said...

Thanx for posting up and noticing the sticker. Yeah, someone at a gas station early in the trip said if I have a website for the trip I just put it on the bike so others can check it out and I got it made in Vancouver. Yeah, totally beautiful out there. I loved it. Plan was definitely to go through Jasper on the way back, but trip ended too soon for me.

Jammin said...

Yeah the biggest impression on me was how much everyone was willing to help, because I guess in that area everybody's been helped by others at one time or another and you just pass it on. A few of us riders helped an elderly couple change a flat tire. It's nice to see people helping each other, which you dont get to see much living in the city.

Amruta, Moscow said...

Hey Jammin
I am from EOI school of moscow we had a chapter on a person just like you .
So our teacher Ms. Kamla Murti gave us this site and i logged on and read everything. It would be amazing if you would come with ur bike to moscow and meet us . Well you must be loving adventures isn't it?
Well it was sad that you lost your bike!! Well I enjoyed all the pics and writeups. Best of Luck For your life and plz plz try to come to russia there are many places you can go by bike.

Love Amruta

devyash said...

My name is Devyash.
I am from EOI school of Moscow.
I have read about Your adventures.
They were amazing, cool, awesome and any other word that relates to adrenaline.
Alaska was a part of Russia till 1867.
So similar beautiful and even more places we have over here.
Especially outside of Moscow.
Please, welcome to see.
Best wishes and good luck in all Your future adventures.
Devyash Dutt Singh.

Jammin said...

Hi Amruta and Devyash,
Thanx for checking out the blog and glad you guys enjoyed it. Yes, I will definitely come to Moscow as I really want to ride my bike all across Russia and meet all of you.

Take care,